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Comfort Eze

Specifications F.A.Q.

Comfort Eze™ is formulated by Scientific Food Solutions using natural, low lead, USP grade calcium carbonate, vitamin C and other alkalizing agents. Comfort Ezeutilizes a unique patent pending process, which delivers an acid reducing product far superior to blended alternatives, combining natural ingredients to deliver superior neutralization of acids and increased bio-absorption of nutrients. Comfort Eze is available as a dietary supplement in bulk compressible granules.

Comfort Eze comforts the digestive system and assists in maintaining a proper body pH. Comfort Eze has a pH of 9.5 and is more effective than name brand alternatives.  It not only reduces stomach acid, but also increases the pH of the blood, which reduces overall body acidity. 

Comfort Eze is specially formulated to help those with too much acid in their body.  Small amounts of neutralized vitamin C have been added toComfort Eze since many people with acidity problems are vitamin C deficient.  Comfort Eze also uses the highest quality USP grade, low-lead, ultra white calcium carbonate that allows formulations to be well within Proposition 65 settlement guidelines.

Comfort Eze can increase consumer consumption of calcium supplements and vitamin C as well as offer new branding opportunities for this natural acid neutralizer.

Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy alkaline balance
  • Contains naturally occuring ingredients
  • Supports stomach health
  • Faster tableting, free-flowing compressible granules
  • Non-corrosive to manufacturing equipment
  • Easy to handle and cost effective
  • All ingredients are USP and manufactured under GMP

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Comfort Eze

The Natural
Acid Neutralizer

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