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Comfort C® Fact Sheet

The health benefits of vitamin C are well known.  It is a key antioxidant and one of the most important nutrients helping to protect the body from free radical damage, infection and many other ailments. Calcium is a critically important mineral in the human diet.  Vitamin C is very acidic with a pH of 4.2.  Forty-four percent of the US population has either Acid Reflux or occasional heartburn and cannot tolerate this acidity. Comfort C is the only clinically validated Vitamin C with Bioperine®, a patented and proven natural absorption enhancer. Until now, the only solution for these consumers was to either not take a Vitamin C supplement or to buy a leading premium Vitamin C brand.  

Executive Summary
Scientific Food Solutions ( using natural, USP grade calcium carbonate and vitamin C formulate Comfort C®; ( delivers a neutralized vitamin C product far superior to blended alternatives.  It combines all natural ingredients to deliver increased bio-absorption of nutrients while being comforting to the stomach.

Comfort C assists in raising the pH of vitamin C, so it is gentle on the stomach. Comfort C can increase consumer consumption of both vitamin C and calcium supplements and offers new branding opportunities. 

Latest Clinical Findings:
A clinical trial comparing the bioavailability of two buffered vitamin C supplements in healthy non-smoking males

Methods: Prospective, comparator, double blind, randomized, crossover trial.  Five healthy, non-smoking male subjects, (32.0 ± 6.2 years), received 2 different vitamin C products (one gram doses) in random order preceded by at least 7 days of a low vitamin C diet.  Blood was drawn pre-ingestion and 30, 60, 90, 120, 210 and 240 minutes post-ingestion for serum ascorbic acid.  Average urine concentrations of vitamin C were determined by twenty-four hour collection. [NOTE: Male subjects were selected to reduce variability due to menstrual cycle hormonal influences; non-smokers as smoking can reduce body stores and perhaps response to vitamin C supplementation.]

Result: Body weight adjusted vitamin C concentration changes from baseline were significantly (275%) higher with Comfort C® than the other brand at 60 minutes (4.33±1.47 vs. 1.68±0.90; p=0.043).

Conclusion: Comfort C® provides significantly faster absorption in the first 60 minutes.

Vitamin C Change from Baseline Vitamin C Change from Baseline: Body Wt adjusted

Comfort C has significant consumer advantages as a source of vitamin C:

  • Comfort C is gentle to their stomach and provides calcium.
  • Vitamin C is an important nutrient for helping to neutralize free radicals and promote healthy immune function.
  • COMFORT C is the only clinical research validated Vitamin C product with research proven and patented Bioperine®.
  • Comfort C is a better form of vitamin C than ascorbic acid.
  • Comfort C’s buffered, non-acidic gentleness is natural and not gas-releasing.

Comfort C is available as a dietary supplement in bulk direct compression granules.
Each gram of Comfort C delivers approximately 760 mg of vitamin C.

Scientific Food Solutions, LLC is a nutritional bioactive innovation and research company that focuses upon application for dietary supplement, conventional and functional food and beverage, and over the counter drug applications.

Our bioactives are the product of patent pending compositions and independently validated clinical studies conducted in the USA.

 Our goal is to innovate and commercialize natural bioactives with specific, confidence-inspiring science, delivering safe and reproducible results that support the end consumers’ desire for enhanced health, function, and wellness.

Scientific Food Solutions, LLC is located in Northern California and has been in operation since 2002.

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