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Alkemy in Action

Fast-C™ is the first (and only) Vitamin C formulation shown in two US-based clinical studies (at a distinguished pharmaceutical research center) to be faster absorbed than a leading premium Vitamin C, and yet be equally retained by the body. Order Fast-C now from Napa Nutritionals!

Fast-C utilizes Alkemy™, a patent pending blend of all natural alkalizing GRAS minerals.  This yields an acid neutralized Vitamin C formulation, a step ahead of buffered forms of Vitamin C for stomach ease and  greater tolerability. Fast-C has been submitted for the most innovative ingredient for the prestigious NutraAward at the 2010 Nutracon Conference.

When it comes to reinforcing the immune system, you need a Vitamin C that delivers results fast  –  Fast-C - clinically proven to work faster. Fast-C™ is the winner of the 2009 NBJ Scientific Achievement Award and is currently nominated for the 2010 Nutracon NutrAward. Click here to purchase Fast-C capsules or tablets or if you are a Retailer interested in selling Fast-C, click here.

Alkemy™ in Action  - Garli-Eze® is the first garlic that doesn’t have to be enteric coated and has the same bioavailability of allicin as fresh garlic.  Garli-Eze is available from Nutra Products, Inc. Please visit us at for the rest of the story.

Aqua-Lyte™ is the first naturally electrolyte-fortified and pH balanced water without the calories, acids, sugar and other carbohydrates typically associated with sports beverages.  Aqua-Lyte effectively hydrates and replaces electrolytes lost during and after moderate to strenuous physical activity.  Patent pending.

Introducing Comfort Eze™ the first dietary supplement made from all natural earth minerals that relives acid related discomfort from multiple sources such as spicy foods, acidic beverages and stress. Comfort Eze provides fast acting relief within 1 to 2 minutes in chewable or tablet form.

Comfort Eze utilizes a unique Patent pending process, which delivers an acid reducing product far superior to other alternatives, combining natural ingredients to deliver superior neutralization of acids.

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